Katrin Fink


Katrin Fink

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine

Katrin Fink has practiced massage therapy for over 19 years.  She graduated from the Sarasota School of Massage in 1997 and then continued her studies in medical massage.  She received her certification as a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist from the International Academy of Neuromuscular Therapies in St Petersburg, FL in 1999.  Five years ago she moved to Oregon, where she is currently licensed.

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy identifies and treats soft tissue pain and dysfunction.  Katrin works collaboratively with various physicians, helping patients recover from car accident injuries, surgeries, sports injuries, muscle tears, TMJ dysfunction, neck & back pain, and other chronic muscle problems.

She also practices Craniosacral Therapy.  Craniosacral Therapy is a very gentle form of “hands-on”, manual therapy that releases tension and restrictions deep within the body, relieves pain and improves the clients overall health.  Craniosacral therapy strengthens the body’s natural healing ability and it is a preventive technique to bolster the body’s resistance to disease. Katrin will often use neuromuscular massage and craniosacral therapy together in a session to support the healing process of her client.

Katrin is also certified in pregnancy massage.   Pregnancy massage is a wonderful therapy that offers relief from many of the common muscle strains and discomforts of carrying a baby.  It is nurturing and emotionally supportive to the client.   Proper positioning is utilized to insure the safety and wellbeing of the mother and her baby.

Most recently, Katrin has been studying oncology massage and working with cancer patients.  She has been studying at the Peregrine Institute of Oncology Massage Training in Santa Fe, NM.

Katrin is an experienced and skilled massage therapist who is passionate about helping people heal and improve the quality of their lives.  She continues to take classes that deepen her knowledge and experience in helping others heal.   For more information, check out her website:   www.katrinfinklmt.com


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