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Kitchen Wizardry:
Sweetie Spheres


    I was sitting home this weekend spinning my wheels about what to eat. I wanted a snack, something sweet and delicious, that wouldn’t leave me with a huge blood sugar crash. I have been pretty busy lately with a few new creative projects, some crazy family stuff, work, and staying really active with my aerial classes, so keeping myself fueled has become incredibly important and a little challenging. I also didn’t want to leave the house, it was Sunday, my self-proclaimed pajama day, and I was feeling inspired to stay home and work on things around there so I hit the cabinets to see what I could dig up.
    Here is what I came up with:

    • 1 almost full jar of raw almond butter (which has been sitting around for quite some time because I don’t particularly like nut-butters)
    • Dried Goji berries (great for building blood and qi)
    • Golden raisins (where did these come from? No one eats raisins in my house…)
    • Black strap molasses (also great for building blood)
    • Raw cashew pieces (that I didn’t know I had)
    • A can of coconut cream! (not coconut milk, just the fatty creamy part, it usually comes in a tiny can)
    • Cocoa powder (ok, technically it was hot cocoa mix, but it’s a pretty wholesome brand, the ingredients just list cocoa powder and evaporated cane juice)
    • Celtic Sea Salt!

    I pulled out the food processor and got to work. First I dumped the almond butter in, followed by a handful of raisins. I got the Goji berries and rinsed them off well and then tossed in a good handful of those guys too. I put a good pour of molasses in, probably about 2-3 tbs. and then about 2 tbs. of the coconut cream. I added all of the cashews, which wasn’t more than a big handful, a few pinches of sea salt and then zoomed it all together with the magical food processor. If you don’t have one of these delightful contraptions, I would say you can do the same thing by just chopping up the rasins and gojis and maybe smashing the cashews a bit, though that is just a matter of texture preference and just mix it all together by hand.
    The consistency came out great, not too sticky or oily but plenty enough of both to roll into little 1” balls. I got about 30-40 of them with this recipe. I set them all on a sheet of wax paper on a cutting board and refrigerated them for a bit to firm them up (you could freeze them too). I put a bunch of the cocoa mix in a bowl and tossed in a few little balls at a time, rolling them around until evenly coated, then I put them all in a tupperware container and popped them back in the fridge. I think next time I might add a pinch of sea salt to the cocoa coating as well. Now that they are powdered they don’t stick together, and when chilled they keep their shape just fine, so storage is easy.

    These little guys are a great source of protein, fiber, and healthy fats that our bodies and brains need to stay strong and functional. The molasses and Goji berries have lots of good blood building nutrients that not only help to keep our blood sugars stable but can over time help to build blood volume, to recover from a blood deficiency.
    They are really good, and half gone after about 12 hours, so I hope you guys enjoy! Everyone that has tried them has given me rave reviews :).

    I am sure you can substitute the dried fruit, nut butter and nuts for other favorites too if you want to experiment with what you find in your cabinets.

    sweetie spheres

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