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More than half way through!

Hi friends! _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Well, here we are, 19 days into Mindfulness Month. I have been struggling a bit with what exactly I wanted to share of my adventure so far, and to be honest I am still not quite sure. This has been a bit more emotionally challenging for me than I anticipated. I’ve realized

Writing down intentions

    Hi everyone, I hope that you’ve been able to sit with the idea of Mindfulness Month, and have come up with some changes that you would like to work toward in your life. In the past when I’ve done shorter versions of this with the intention to reset and rebalance my life, I have

February: A Month of Mindfulness

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi friends, welcome to 2016! I’m sure all of you have rolled around the idea of a New Year’s resolution more than a few times over the past weeks, and like so many of us- just haven’t settled on what you want to do and how it can fit into your life. I have

Fertility, Pregnancy, and Post-partum support with acupuncture, Chinese herbs and homeopathy

by Dr. Melinda Nickels ND, LAc These days it feels like the waiting room in our clinic has been filling up with pregnant ladies, or those on their way to pregnancy, both Hayley (Hayley Gardner LAc) and I (Melinda Nickels ND, LAc) love doing acupuncture for pregnancy and fertility. Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine


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